This Is A Big Shæme To You Na Only Lady Shakara You, Reaction As Jigan Babaoja Running Away As A Gallant Ladies Set To Beæt Him (Watch)

Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja Oja has shared another humorous video online in which a lady threatens to beat him up.

Jigan Babaoja was involved in a confrontation with a lady on the streets of Lagos during the early hours of Friday.

A crowd of onlookers gathered, imploring Jigan to calm down, but he remained steadfast in his actions. The lady threatened to beat him if they allowed her.

Jigan appeared fearful and unable to confront the lady who boldly threatened to beat him. Adeniyi Johnson commented, jokingly speculating that Jigan’s daily troubles might prevent him from gaining weight. Others insisted that Jigan ran away from the girl.

Watch the Funny Video Below:

See the reactions below:

Kikibakare: Early morning, what’s going on here? 😂

Adeniyi Johnson: How do you expect to gain weight with all this trouble you keep getting into??? 😂

Ijesaeku: You leave the one who’s fighting you and are pushing the one who’s trying to separate you, clown fight. 😂😂

Temitopesouvenirle: There’s trouble brewing 😂😂😂, Jigan, are you trying to fight women? 😂😍

Olarenwajubimbo: Please, my friend, who are you fighting with? Who are you attacking? Your worldly matters will land you in trouble.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng