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“This boy no like him eyes again” – Reactions trail video of student returning to school hostel with bag of garri

A Nigerian student has become a topic of online discussion as he makes a remarkable return to his school hostel with a substantial bag of garri intended for the entire semester.

The amusing incident was shared by a lady on her TikTok page, @matilda_life1. In the video, the student, identified as Sunday, is seen carrying the sizable sack of garri on his head. The lady, filming the scene, playfully pokes fun at Sunday’s choice of bringing a large bag of garri back to school.

Caught off guard, Sunday, seemingly not wanting to be captured on camera, swiftly takes off with the substantial sack balanced on his head, creating a lighthearted moment that has garnered attention and amusement online. The incident reflects the diverse and resourceful ways students navigate the challenges of campus life.

Reactions have followed …
Edith👑❤️ said: “Him ready for this semester 😂😂”

jafar daniel commented: “Sunday no need E eyes 😂😂💔”

🎮 T▲NJIRØ 🎮 remarked: “da play bro no gree for hunger 🤣🤣”

Kelvin😐 wrote: “U don cast my guy…..that Garri na till next semester😂😂”

sunnybase14 penned: “funny part u go follow drink am”

drealoneleshn stated: “He wan start garri sales no reason am 😹”

Watch video below …