“They Will Choose Me Over You Ten Times If We Go Outside Together”– Anty Ramota Stir Massive Reaction As She Claims She Is More Beautiful Than Ijoba Lande (Video)

Anty Ramota has once again displayed arrogance towards Ijoba Lande through her manner of speaking. She suggests that if they were to go out together, people would prefer her company because she believes she’s more beautiful than him. It’s puzzling why she thinks this way when it’s evident that Ijoba Lande is more attractive and handsome than she is.

Ramota I don get new house for us Ooh so we go Dey live together very soon @auntyramota_authentic

Read social media reaction below;

Jmk_8595 wrote: Well done Ijoba Lande for the patience, tolerance and Empathy. Romota is handfuls

Mayor_richess77 wrote: I like dah audacity, courage and believe from Ramota , no relent shit you cute looking ma , zero panic oo 😂 💯

Oluwadara4areason wrote: It’s the self hyping for me, it’s Thursday aunty Ramota de tell tbt, no evidence na just chochocho😂😂😂

Agunmu_wire1 wrote: U no get sense this aunty aje u go dey Do like person way get brain tumor 😂😂😂

Alhajaadunni221 wrote: Infact god knows why he created her like this..cos if not aunty Ramota go show us perper😍😍😍😍

G_boy_ranky wrote: The money self big pass her hand she na our normal corency be that or na  my eyes 😂😂😂😂

Richiewayys wrote: I told you ijoba lande no Dey settle Aunty ramota foooolish people Dey talk say na nonsense I Dey talk.. bro settle Aunty romota and you go see her calmness

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng