“They no dy put mouth for husband and wife matter”- Drama as Portable pepper haters flies his wife Bewaji to Kenya, days after dragging her online (Video)

Nigerian street artist Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, and his spouse, Bewaji, are presently in Nairobi, Kenya, following a recent spat on social media. Despite their recent disagreement online, the couple appears to have resolved their issues, as the singer brought her along for his musical tour in Kenya. Portable posted a video of himself and his partner aboard the plane, showcasing their affectionate moments, delighting their online followers.


See some reactions from netizens below,

One Francas Own wrote, “All those fight na for clout to be in the news

One Tawtevic 2 wrote, “Online inlaws, how far?

One Oritoke23 wrote, “Sha be crying inside ur aeroplane Dan to be crying inside Keke Napep or okafa. Jaye ooo ki otun jeya mo

One Gbamuss wrote, “After dragging her on social media

One Layo4sure wrote, “After insulting her parents?? It’s well

One Limahs Fits wrote, “I pity who dey interfere for two people wey dey see their nakedness

One Catherine Xo3 wrote, “She’s so embarrassed and doesn’t want to be in the video, but he keeps chasing her with the camera

One Doch Fruits wrote, “Suffering and smiling”.

Recently, Infotrend reported that there were issues between Portable and his wife as they both unfollowed each other on Instagram. The couple aired their marital problems publicly, with Bewaji posting a cryptic message referring to herself as a queen and expressing frustration with people’s lack of gratitude. This post didn’t sit well with Portable, who criticized her in the comments, calling her ungrateful and stating that she was nothing without him. Bewaji then took to her Instagram story to announce that she had reached her limit and wouldn’t tolerate any further disrespect.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng