“They Negleected Me And No One Call Me For Work Again Since When I’m Siicked”– Veteran Actor Radical Explain How He His Coping As Kunle Afod Finally Meet Him (Video)

Kunle Afod has at last found the esteemed actor, Radical, renowned for his roles in crime scenes during the golden age of Nollywood. Radical’s performances were unparalleled, setting him apart from his peers.

In a recent interview, Radical disclosed that due to financial constraints, they were no longer being offered roles, and their lack of transportation resulted in being overlooked in the industry.

He also revealed that he was sicks for sometime and he his just getting back to his fit and he his now a presenter at mainland 10.2 fm.

Kunle Afod said he was happen to see him and it’s always his joy seeing him back on his feet.

Kunle Afod Wrote: found the whereabout ofRADICAL a crime actor in nollywood back then

Read some social media reaction below;

@clementine6580. Wrote: The late Broken Bottle’s friend. Good to see him again. He was very helpful when I was doing some costume research some years ago. God bless him..

@ebenezerjoseph6287 wrote: Please sir Mr Afod kindly inform our brother Radical to start a skit for an Hausa knowledge skits because he shows a better short one here..

@Iyabode-Kaykay434 wrote:  Radical Kamorudeen Saba is a very good man. My Production manager in all the film I produced. I acted two scenes in one of his movie Yankees lowo kan. Kunle Afod. You are doing a wonderful job.

@babatundeyjohnson2112 wrote: Since he is good in taking Aboki role, I think he will be a good fit in skits so kindly link him up with skit makers so he can be making money and thereby get on his feet again.

@modupeolawuyi5927 wrote: Mr Afod, kudos to you for all you have been doing by checking on all these forgotten actors and actresses. May the Almighty God grants you all your hearts desires and pays you back with good deeds. Amen

@user-et5zd2hp3e wrote: Radical with ajigijaga then.. them good for criminal scenes.. oga o.. life is turn by turn… When this man dey act Omo ita movie.. where are those guys nowadays they..

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng