“They left the twins with nannies again and went to the club” – Netizens resumes dragging Davido and Chioma

Kemi Olunloyo criticizes musician Davido, labeling him as disorganized and accusing him of unnecessarily publicizing his actions while claiming potential adversaries are observing. She further condemns Davido and his wife, Chioma, for returning to Nigeria after welcoming twins. This controversial attack comes in response to a viral video showing Chioma’s return to Nigeria after giving birth to her twins. Kemi Olunloyo shares her opinions on Davido’s organizational skills and planning abilities on her social media account.

She faulted the singer for returning to Nigeria when the Grammy Award ceremony is taking place next week.

In her opinion, it would have been better for Davido to remain in the US until the conclusion of the Grammy Awards.

She confronted him about constantly sharing his actions, warning that there could be people monitoring him.

Kemi Olunloyo blasted the musician and his spouse, accusing them of abandoning their newborn twins to nannies so they could go out to clubs and have fun.

She mentioned:


Davido is disorganized and doesn’t plan well. Don’t want to see any rubbish comments under my post because many of you are simply not intelligent and you will be blocked ASAP😡

Why travel to Nigeria yesterday when the Grammys are NEXT WEEK. You should be in a protective state so you can attend. Nigeria is hot right now with kidnappers and evil eyes. You land with your twins and first stop is the club to celebrate Chioma’s return. The twins are being dumped with nannies again. Sophia’s goons are scoping you, evil eyes are tracking your movements since you’re filming it. Stop this mess Davido. You should have finished the Grammy awards first then bring your family home UNANNOUNCED ‼️😡


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng