These ladies do all this because of M0ni, lady sp0il ladies, Reaction as Trinity guy goes viral in new skill watch and learn

The video of a Trinity guy has gone viral, and it’s sparked quite a reaction on social media. In the video, the guy challenges two girls to remove five things from their bodies, promising to pay them 100,000 Naira each for doing so.

The first girl removes items like her bag, chain, wing (presumably jewelry), wristwatch, and pant. The second girl follows suit, removing her bra, bag, chain, shoe, and wristwatch. After they’ve completed the challenge, the guy questions them, asking why they agreed to do it when they don’t even know him.

The video has stirred up reactions online, with many people sharing their thoughts and opinions. It’s interesting how viral challenges and social media trends can lead people to participate in unusual activities. This particular challenge has certainly caught people’s attention and sparked discussions.


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng