“The makeup artist should be on her way to jail” — See bride’s makeup that got many people talking

The makeup of a bride has sparked considerable attention on social media due to its intense brightness. Posted on TikTok by the makeup artist @adamawabeauty0, the video showcases the artist’s pride in her work. However, numerous internet users have criticized her expertise, noting the stark contrast between the bride’s overly bright facial makeup and her dark hands. In the footage, the bride’s husband is visibly apprehensive of his new wife.

See some reactions to the bride’s makeup video

@dassa_hk noted: “Even the husband wasn’t sure if that was the wife”

@iamkkok_ commented: “If beauty was a crime, the bride is very innocent😭😂💔”

@Gorgeous treasure said: “The makeup artist can brighten Nigeria’s future.Let’s give her a chance please”

@Lo_Re🔥of tiktok💫💦 stated: “the makeup artist na mortuary attendant😂😂”

@Trends observed: “😂😂😂 fear dey catch the husband sef”

@finegirl.joy wrote: “The makeup artist should be on her way to jail!”

Watch video here


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng