The fear of his wife” – Video of lady dancing with a married man at an event trends online (Watch)

Several reactions have started trailing a trending video of a lady dancing with a married man at an event.

In the clip that has gone viral online, men and women came in during the reception at the event in that order and that was just the beginning.

As they walked in, the DJ gingered the moment as he played a hit song dubbed “Nack” and by extension men and women in that order started dancing. However, a lady who was captured by the song raises eyebrows with her gestures while dancing to it even though she is in front of a man.

The lady shows that she is a big fan of the song with her display as she twerks her behind for the man behind her.

Reacting, the chairman who never saw this coming was left in a surprised state and then rejected the offer as he managed to draw back a little.

The lady continues by twerking harder again but the married man is bold enough to caution himself fully aware of his wife’s presence and won’t end up well with him.

As expected, the video stirred mixed reactions online, while some said the man was descent enough to control himself despite temptations from the lady as he is mindful of his wife/ camera, others slam the lady over her outfit exposing too much of her bosom cavity.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

zsavier_optimum_hai: Who else saw her boops 😢? Lol

lajesco_d: I don watch this video 20times already, I dey go 100, I love N!apple so much 🤩.

akashatnyma: Embarrassing the poor chairman. When you reach home now, you go say I don taaayaaa abeg.😂😂😂😂.

chennifar: Her dress is not bad for the ocassion she just was very lost extremely careless and classless.

bytecad: To be honest so many women has lost their WOMAM in them, Why na?

kpwilliams008: Did she forget about the top of the dress??

mo__andra: Ah 😮😂 unku is in cloud 9 already ☁️ 😂

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng