Thank God, This’s The Day We Have Been Expecting, Reaction as Actress Olaniyan Tosin Received Beæting Of Her Life From Her Colleagues On A Movie Set, Set To Sue Him (Watch)

After receiving the best birthday present of her life, actress Olaniyan Tosin has finally met people who are more Mada than she is.

When Olaniyan walked up to a group of other famous people, both male and female, who were all having a good time together, Olaniyan Tosin confronted them, saying that they were all too disrespectful to meet him.

She continued to criticize them in Yoruba even after they expressed regret to her.

They invite her to sit with them so she can enjoy themselves and join them without realizing that they have planned a trap for her.

Even though they thought it was a comedic act, Tosin’s followers cheered her coworkers on for beating her up because of her mouth instead of feeling sorry for her.

She Wrote: Nobody should beg me and my 55 lawyers wahala!!
Wahala!!!@osobatemitope is the ring leader o

Watch The funny video below

See How Netizen React To The Video Below;

Iam_mhizkem: Ehnehn I’ve been expecting a day like this, I know one day the bush meat go catch hunter 😂😂😂😂.

Aagboola_dammy: Them offer you seat, you sef go siddon😂😂. You no know say na setup😂😂😂.

Kayalubarika: Who try dis wt my love 😮u re all in soup just go police station nd report ursef like dat.

Mhiz_classy1: The moment she went to seat at the middle, I was soo sure she isn’t going to come out of it easy😂.

__niphy: 😂😂 @osobatemitope I like her calmness with the way she speak too😍Bt mama get ogban for head o😂loves her and her movie like 👍❤️❤️❤️

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng