Thank God I did not chose wrongly, Waka singer, Salawa Abeni shower praise on husband

Salawa Abeni, the renowned Nigerian Waka singer, took the opportunity to shower praises on her husband, Rasheed Adahunse, during his retirement and birthday celebration at the Eko Club last Sunday. This event marked a significant moment, especially considering how Salawa Abeni surprised her admirers by revealing her marriage to Adahunse after keeping it a secret for four years.

In her heartfelt speech at the party, Salawa Abeni expressed gratitude to God and spoke fondly about her dearest husband, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Agbolade. She highlighted the unique journey of their union, starting from perceiving each other as distinct individuals—she, a musician, and he, a complete ‘English’ man. Despite their differences, love triumphed, and Salawa Abeni emphasized that she made the right choice in her husband.

As Adahunse enters retirement, Salawa Abeni extended her prayers for his longevity and abundance. The celebration marked not only the milestones in Adahunse’s life but also the enduring strength of their love. In a symbolic gesture, Salawa Abeni invited her husband to refer to her as “Abeni, Idunu Ishola” from that day forward.

The public revelation of their marriage adds a layer of intimacy to Salawa Abeni’s public persona, showcasing the power of love to overcome differences and create a lasting bond. The event remains a memorable chapter in their journey, celebrated with joy, gratitude, and well-wishes for the years ahead.

When questioned by Kemi Ashefon in 2019 about the possibility of remarriage, Salawa Abeni, who was recovering from a health challenge that had impacted her for nearly five years, responded by reflecting on her past marriage to Chief Kollington Ayinla. She acknowledged that they were no longer together but refrained from delving into details, emphasizing the positive outcome of the union—her wonderful children.

Salawa Abeni emphasized that being successful in one’s career while still being married is a commendable aspect. However, she countered the notion that divorced or single women are indicative of negative behavior, asserting that such circumstances do not make them abnormal. Instead, she encouraged women facing challenges to move forward, discard the perception of everyone as an adversary, and learn to overlook negative comments.

The accomplished singer and mother stressed that every woman desires marriage, and while challenges may arise, she firmly believed in the possibility of a new beginning with the grace of God. Salawa Abeni, even at her age, expressed confidence in God’s ability to grant her a fresh start, concluding with an uplifting message of perseverance and hope: “So, don’t give up!”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng