“She Is Pregnant Self, And Na Pictures She Com They Wedd”– Reaction As Taiwo Hassan Ogogo Daughter Kira Taiwo Get Married To A Man In Pictures Video Goes Viral.

Kira Taiwo, the daughter of veteran actor Taiwo Hassan Ogogo, recently celebrated her wedding in a manner that surprised many. The wedding ceremony, as seen in a trending video on social media, showcased a unique and unconventional approach to the union.

In the video, Kira Taiwo’s husband was notably absent from the wedding ceremony, with only his pictures available. This unusual scenario prompted speculation and discussion among viewers. It was suggested that such a situation might occur when the spouse is not presently in the country but could be virtually present through a live video.

Adding to the intrigue, Kira Taiwo appeared visibly pregnant during the wedding, suggesting that she is expecting a child with her husband. The combination of these factors has sparked conversations and raised eyebrows, especially considering her father’s public figure status.

Despite the unconventional nature of the wedding, well-wishes and congratulations poured in for the couple. Emiralty Africa, in a congratulatory message, acknowledged the union of Kira Taiwo and her heartthrob, Yusuf, extending best wishes to the family.

In the world of celebrity events, where expectations often align with tradition, Kira Taiwo’s wedding stood out for its distinctive approach. As the newlyweds embark on this journey, the unique circumstances surrounding their union have certainly made it a topic of interest and conversation within social circles.

See reaction below;

Ohihion_betty wrote: Congratulations to you Kira your home is blessed ijn😍

Hardenikeh24 wrote: Congratulations @kira_taiwo it will be a journey to forever Insha Allah

Chinnyudex wrote: The guy appear to give her belle nd the disappear on there wedding day . The guy look like metro too much.

Socialdistancin wrote: He will never allow his daughter to marry a Christian

Omo_leyeee wrote: Congratulations may the good Lord bless your home 🙏

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng