“Speaking Yoruba is stressful, I cant even  teach my kids” — Adunni Ade says as she urges Nigerians to speak only English

Actress Adunni Ade, of Yoruba descent, has sparked controversy by expressing her irritation towards speaking Yoruba. During an interview on Channels Television, when prompted to converse in her native tongue, she politely declined, citing her preference for English, the recognized language in Nigeria. Adunni, who is of mixed heritage with a German-American mother and Nigerian father, explained that she finds speaking Yoruba bothersome, especially when met with rude demands to do so.


Admittedly, she acknowledges that her ability to speak Yoruba often surprises many due to her appearance.

Adunni Ade also expressed gratitude to her father for bringing her to Nigeria to immerse herself in Yoruba culture and traditions.

Check out some reactions to her statement below.

@A_RWAC said: “Why do I feel she’s trying to distance herself from being Yoruba? Or am I just getting the entire convo wrong? When she said “my father brought me to Nigeria to learn the Nigerian culture” I was like are you joking, your YouTube father brought you home to learn his culture no to learn Nigerian culture like you’re some tourist.”

@drakson_MCI wrote: “Such iconic name shouldn’t have been given to this person”

@Wesleydeycook added: “Be like sey she dey cr*ze, if no be Yoruba movies who go sabi her”

@RadicalYouthMan commented: “Nothing wokeness will not cause in Nigeria… Speaking your native language hurts your nerves ???”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng