“So my success is your problem, you can never have rest of mind because I have just started”- Femi Adebayo drag Dayo Amusa for insullting his wife

Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo has addressed the ongoing conflict involving his wife, Aduke, and actress Dayo Amusa. Commenting on Amusa’s recent post, Adebayo expressed his realization that the actress is targeting him. He asserted that Amusa had chosen the wrong person to pick a fight with. Adebayo emphasized that if Amusa considers his wife’s success an issue, she will never find peace of mind because he is just beginning. He advised Amusa to focus her energy on her career instead of attempting to undermine him.

“I now see that you truly want to come for me. You have actually done it with the wrong person. If my success is your problem, you can never have rest of mind because I have just started. It’s advisable you channel your energy to your career and not be too busy ok bringing me down”.

The entire controversy ignited when Dayo Amusa strongly criticized Femi Adebayo for Bobrisky winning the Best Dressed Female award at Eniola Ajao’s movie premiere.

Through her Instagram, Dayo voiced her discontent regarding the perceived disrespect towards women at the premiere. She called out the judges and organizers, arguing that it was inappropriate to name a crossdresser as the best dressed female. Dayo suggested the creation of a separate category to acknowledge crossdressers.

In response, Aduke took to her Instagram to rebuke Dayo for seemingly undermining her husband, who presented the award to Bobrisky. She questioned why the presenter should be held responsible for the decision.

Expressing frustration with online critics, Aduke criticized Femi’s colleagues for publicly chastising him instead of reaching out privately.

In her comment section, Dayo Amusa expressed that while it’s acceptable for Aduke to defend her husband, resorting to banter only reflects her shallow-mindedness. Dayo emphasized the importance of the actor owning up, taking responsibility, and doing what’s necessary. She clarified that she isn’t posing as an enemy and asserted that hypocrisy isn’t part of her character.

Aduke retaliated by questioning the potential harm Dayo could inflict. She labeled the actress a hypocrite and accused her of having malicious intentions, pointing out how Dayo had apologized to Femi over the phone and had promised to retract her statement via video.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng