“So even Portable Dey Knnack Mandy Kizz”– Massive Reaction As As Mandy Kizz Release Her Chat With Portable Even Her Voice Note(Listen)

Mandy Kizz, the president of Oolosho, shared a chat conversation with popular Nigerian singer Portable, discussing his desire to engage in intimate activity.

In the voice note shared, Portable was heard expressing his enjoyment with her and noting her Naira Marley tattoo on her lap.

Portable insisted on refraining from engaging in any intimate activity due to the presence of the Naira Marley tattoo on her lap.

Mo gbe oooooooo😂😂😂😂 @portablebaeby
Just posting this for fun 😂😂😂

See social media reaction on the video below;

Hairsbyrike wrote: But he just stated the fact! Some guys are like this while some don’t gfk! But that time don go sha, that was then.

Dolly_p_media wrote: This one just Dey disgrace all of them , Ati house wife o Ati Båby mama o💔😂😂 Wahala

Omo_tanwa49 wrote: Nah everybody this werey wan fuck 😂😭he go still do mammie water one day werey 😂

Bjebony wrote: But I thought @portablebaeby was siding Naira Marley,,so I see no reason y u can’t put ..na family matter😂😂

Kween_demmy wrote: He say…They fit slap you for here make your frame fall down for house 😂😂😂 i off patapata

Read and listen to the voice note below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng