“Small But Might”– Trending Video Of A Adorable Little Shepherd, Leading his Fathers Herds of Cows Goes Viral (Video)

A widely circulated video on social media depicts a young boy guiding up to ten large cows, sparking a significant response. The trending footage captures a boy, likely under eight years old, directing the cows along a street. Reactions from social media users varied, with some expressing concern about the boy’s absence from school and others praising his courage.

Read some social media reaction;

Dr_festusayo wrote: The cows are not seeing a little boy😒 what they see is a controller 💯 that’s how God’s blessings work too it doesn’t care about age🙌

Cute_rikki wrote: Person wey suppose dey school 😢and he go Dey intelligent o

Asamhusband wrote: That small boy is controlling millions…sometimes it’s not all about education but finding one’s purpose on earth. 👏

Kingdillynba wrote: Nah this level dem start learn how to rule Nigeria, nah the first level be this 😂😂😂

Inbetweencontinents wrote: This underscores the authority of humans over other species or animals. One may further argue that kid is uneducated due to lack of western education. But I will say that his ability to tend the cattle and make them listen to him is education in itself. One that not many Harvard graduates 🎓 can understand. 😂

Bottom line: Education takes different forms and approaches. (Always good to look at the BIG picture.)

Jack_the_king_of_money wrote: It is in their blood from little so I’m not surprised they are all aboki and mallams😂😂😂😂😂😂

Oluc2024 wrote: Oh God see small boy wen come life is now a shepherd at his age and many people are looking for one child to Pampa adore and love their Have not seen God please give this children to the right people who will know they value and give them a better life😢

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng