Singer Bella Is The Only One Who Has Concrete Evidence At Hand Including His Phone Chat And Everything He Went Through, Poco Lee Finally Speaks Out, Reveals His Phone Conversation Is With Bella Shmurda

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Famous Nigerian dancer Poco Lee has finally spoken out for the first time about the death of Mohbad. He took to his Instagram page to share that he had just finished a phone call with Bella Shmurda, a close friend of Mohbad, and Bella Shmurda shared some insights about the singer’s passing. This indicates that there may be more details or perspectives on the situation that have not been widely discussed.

Poco Lee stated that Bella is the only person who truly understands what Mohbad went through. He revealed that Bella had confided in him, sharing that Mohbad has been appearing to him in his dreams, crying. This insight provides a glimpse into the emotional toll that Mohbad’s experiences may have had on him and how it continues to affect those close to him, like Bella Shmurda.

Poco Lee shared that Bella Shmurda also mentioned that Mohbad had lost self-esteem long before his passing. Mohbad apparently had doubts about his ability to release songs and wondered if people would listen to him. This sheds light on the internal struggles and insecurities the late singer may have been dealing with in his career.
Poco Lee mentioned that Bella Shmurda is planning to speak out, suggesting that there might be more to the story that will come to light. The idea that “the truth shall prevail” indicates that there could be unresolved or hidden aspects of Mohbad’s life and death that will be revealed in due time.

“Bella the only man who literally knows what Mohbad (RIP) really went through. Just got off the phone with Bella & he said in his words that Mohbad has been appearing to him crying. Bella further said Mohbad lost self-esteem long time he even doubted himself about dropping a song wondering if people would listen to him. No long talk Bella is coming & the truth shall prevail”.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng