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“Should I Go And Beg Him”–Massive Reaction As Portable Ex Signee Young Duu Beg Money Online Video Goes Viral

Portable ex signee young Duu has been receiving online Dragging following his new video.

Young Duu has revealed that he will be featuring his boss Portable but does not have money to feature him so he his seeking help from his online fans to help him.

Though his fans have been dragging him and asking him not to go beg his ex boss if not he will receive the beating of his life.

He Wrote:“Let’s go and beg Portable, I want to feature Portable in my new EP” – Young Duu says as he begs for money 🙆🏽‍♂️👀🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️

See social media reaction below;

Harbiodun wrote: Wetin Don go??
Sha no go odogwu bar cuz he go talk say make them give you your own Moro too 😂😂

Greenpipsfix147101 wrote: Begging is now part of the music business today thats what am seeing now 😮

Infynity_auto wrote: Hunger don catch the werey e don dey drink pure water😂 who else notice that pure water for em hand 🤣

Donbruno8 wrote: I don’t see any reason why u should do that ..the best thing greet him when u guys meet outside u are a star already and i don’t see portable worthy of that cus how on earth will someone come to apologize and u still beat him and ask him to do video of himself so people can believe u are a good person 🧍 ..imagine everything he has done to most people that helped him in the past from poco to kogbagidi to ijoba danku to even insult davido and once he apologized on his page people forget and move on without doing all this things he does to his bois that level he got to today .. well all i see is omoigboro will always be omoigboro even if he drives RR 2024
Peace ✌️

_ayo22 wrote: So if person sabi nack girls go Dey f**k him all days omo which kind gift god go give me like this 😢

Your_papa_first_son wrote: Lo I’m no fighting afonu omo you wan use your helper shine teeth no worry you go learn 😂

Legendpaapi wrote: The moro wey you go chop go pass the one DJ Chicken chop that year

Vicentlorenzo12 wrote: When you think say money na water 😂💯 DJ cuppy fit reply Ur message so try beg am make we see because I believe portable na person wey fit carry u go viral but to future u I no think soo😂

Watch The Video Below;