Should I die at any time, please before I am buried, fight that an autopsy is done,Yomi Fabiyi says

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Nigerian actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi reveals what should be done if he dies before his time.

Yomi Fabiyi frowned on the ideal of burying a diseased person in a hurry while encouraging the need for an autopsy before burial.

He further stated that an autopsy before burial will solve a lot of injustices and murde3rs.

Sharing a post on his Instagram page, Yomi Fabiyi wrote, “Should I die at any time (except at 101 years of age and above), please, before I am buried, do one last thing for me, fight that an autopsy is done.

If we accept this approach and fight with everything we have to enforce it in Nigeria, we will be saving ourselves and the land from burying too many unpunished murders and injustices.

Moreso, domestic violence will reduce drastically. Partners poisoning the other, battering, torturing, etc. will reduce to the absolute minimum. Children will grow up in a peaceful society.

Beating or physically attacking your spouse or any other person is gross human rights abuse, a case of domestic violence, and could lead to death. We all must adjust and live together peacefully. Don’t incite violence or provoke others to react.

Let us save our country and help unborn children. YES, WE CAN ALL LIVE IN PEACE, EVEN IF WE DON’T WANT TO.

See his post below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng