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“She Set Me Up And I Was Almost Beaaten At The House I Rent For Her”– Portable Finally Replied Her Side Chick Ashabi Simple Revealed His Own Side (Watch)

Portable has responded to his fourth baby mama, Ashabi Simple, regarding her recent accusations of neglect. He disclosed that he rented an apartment for her worth over four hundred and fifty thousand naira. However, when he visited her and found her absent, her neighbors accused him of theft and even recorded the incident. Despite this, he returned to retrieve his belongings, only to face a similar situation, with people almost assaulting him.

You may remember that Portable was adamant about bringing Ashabi into the limelight, as nobody knew her until she gave birth and various news platforms began covering the news.

Ashabi has been making headlines since 2023, when her relationship with Portable was still fresh and she publicly showed her affection for him.

Despite Portable being married and involved with other women, Ashabi feels like she’s the only one he’s truly committed to.

In response to criticism, Ashabi Simple explained that despite people advising her to leave Portable for the sake of her child, she chooses to stay because of her love for him.

She questions what tangible things Portable has given her, besides accusing her of being after his wealth, as she still travels by bike with her baby despite being married to him for almost two years.

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