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“She deserves an award” – Hairstylist gives customer a stunning new look despite scanty hair

A hairstylist wows onlookers by creating a stunning hairstyle for a customer with very sparse, thinning hair. The skilled hairstylist revealed the lady’s initial hair condition, noting less hair at the front and more at the back in the video. Unperturbed, she began braiding, employing various tools. The end outcome showcased impeccably done cornrows, elegantly masking the partially bald forehead.

Check out reactions that followed …

@__arike_adey remarked: “She got just barb the hair and start all over with hair treatments, this hair go too pain her ehnnnn
Her scalp!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️💔”

@RadicalYouthMan commented: “See as the hair be like witch own before dem come add braids … Without braids, some women look like fairy tale witches”

@Opsylo_jay penned: “What kind of baldness is this?”

@divfee wrote: “She should just barb this stress is not necessary”

@dah_Scuryzeenho stated: “I swear this is so so amazing 🤩”

Watch video below …