“She Cant Goes Far In Nollywood Because Of Her Character”– Veteran Actor Abiodun Jimoh Disclosed Why Jumoke Odetola Can Never Make It In The Industry (Details)

Veteran actor and film director Abiodun Jimoh recently shared insights on Jumoke Odetola’s character, expressing doubts about her potential longevity in the industry. Jimoh observed certain traits in her that he believes may not align well with Nollywood. Despite his intention to discuss this with her, he found her response childish. He was further surprised to discover quotes on her Instagram story seemingly related to their conversation. Additionally, Jimoh was taken aback when he witnessed some of Odetola’s friends gossiping about him, despite his actions being misconstrued.

Although the full podcast video is yet to be released, further details will soon emerge regarding why he maintained that she wouldn’t succeed in the industry.

According to Film Director Abiodun Jimoh, he expressed, “Jumoke Odetola possesses certain traits that are incompatible with Nollywood.”

Recalled by Infotrend Media, Actress Jumoke Odetola has sparked online buzz with her joyous announcement of a new blessing.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Yoruba movie star revealed her pregnancy and expressed her excitement.

Apologizing to her fans for her social media absence, Jumoke explained that she needs solitary time with the child she’s expecting.

The Actress, brimming with anticipation, pledged to share more details later. Read More Here

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng