She can back from morning till night, Video trends as wise mom straps her little baby to pillow so she can work (Watch)

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A Nigerian mother has generated a flurry of reactions after she ingeniously devised a solution to a common parenting challenge. Her baby was insistent on being carried all day, making it challenging for her to tend to other tasks.

Determined to find a way to put her baby to sleep without the need for constant carrying, she came up with a clever solution. In a video that has since gone viral, she can be seen securely strapping her baby to a pillow, creating the illusion that the baby is still on her back.

The result was both amusing and effective, as the little one seemed content and comfortable, thinking it was being carried by its mother. This resourceful approach not only allowed the mother to have some much-needed freedom to attend to other responsibilities but also provided a humorous and heartwarming moment for social media users who came across the video.

The video has sparked laughter and shared experiences among parents who have faced similar challenges, showcasing the creativity and resilience that parents often display in finding solutions to everyday parenting dilemmas.


She wants to be back from morning till night 🤣#fyp #makemeviral #babylove

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@LUKAP JR 💥✨ said, “If my future wife tie my pikin like dis nah serious fight ooo 😂 they are born to disturb let her disturb in peace”.

@Mummynwa 19 said, “I don learn the new pattern l go use for my sister child, thank you for this update, at least it comes early ☺️☺️”.

@HANNARAY said, “Justice for my bby we no go gree ooooo… online mummy’s association of Nigeria”

@adekunle mercy Esther said, “pinkin no go wise reach him mama”.

@Joygiver17 said, “They think they are wiser than their mothers 😂pikin wey no go allow the mama back breath Na so we go do m😂”.

@*VÃDÕ❤️ JÑR💝 247👌😆😂🥰 said, “Ur heaven no sure ajeh if my babe do dis kind thin omo ogba and ibaraka go sup😂😂😂”.

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