See this ungræteful woman, I will send you out of the house I rent for you back to your father’s house in Ile Ife”- Portable drag Babymama Ashabi for insulting his wife Bewaji

Nigerian singer Portable Omolalomi, known for his provocative songs, has taken aim at his babymama Ashabi, accusing her of attempting to end his marriage.

The fast-rising singer noted how Ashabi’s cup was full as he admonished her to visit Ile Ife if she needed love. He told her not to use her desperation for love to ruin his.

Calling her an ungrateful woman, Portable noted how he made her stronger and now she was talking down on him. The singer stated that women like her, are the ones who would leave their man when they become broke. The singer accused her of trying to wreck his marriage as he claimed that Ashabi was spilling the teas about his marriage to social media.

Portable added that Ashabi wasn’t well trained and she should return to her family as he questioned if her father ever bought her mother a car.

“This one cup don full she no sabi talk. If you need love, go to Ile Ife, even love don cus no con use your love spoil love for me. Loyalty pass juju na fame she dey look for the feelings is not real ungrateful woman I make you stronger see as she dey talk if money finish this one go run asap Awon online wife Omo atiokowabaleje na everything wey dey happen in my home, she dey tell people online she only come to scatter my home and I respect my home if them no train you well go back home Omo Ile Iyawo Ile no dey talk like this ungrateful woman fear them if you do everything you no still do noni ask your papa if him buy your mama car!!”.

“She won use love scam me Emi Ika. No use your love spoil love for me”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng