“See OBO” – Celebrity mix-up at NYSC orientation camp as corps members mistake a man for Davido

A young man from Nigeria is causing a stir at the NYSC orientation camp as his striking resemblance to Davido leads his fellow corps members to mistake him for the singer. This amusing moment was captured in a video titled ‘Davido aka OBO,’ where a group of voices can be heard cheering for the guy who bears a resemblance to the famous musician. Amidst shouts of “See OBO, Davido,” the doppelganger smiles and laughs along with the attention. Check out the video to see the hilarious moment!



Infotrend news reca that Veteran Nollywood actor, Uwazuoke opens up on his childhood as he speaks on how he was treated differently because of his face and stature.

The seasoned movie star was recently featured yankontentfactory where he spoke on his boyhood days

Uwaezuoke revealed that his father had given birth to 11 children and mysteriously, whenever any of the male child reaches 25, he dies.

He recalled how the whole community were excited over his birth but were quickly repelled when they set their eyes on his face.

Uwaezuoke revealed that his mother never received any gift from people kept making excuses not to see him or carry him.

The actor also noted that women usually lose interest in him as soon as they see his face and his stature.

However, he maintained that nobody is better than him except God.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng