“See how Mide the marks her territory whenever she with her hubby”- Fans reactions as Afeez Owo share cute video with his wife, Mide Martin

Nollywood star Afeez Owo recently posted a video showcasing his birthday celebration alongside his wife, Mide Martin. In the footage, the couple is seen dancing, with Mide Martin playfully teasing her husband about his moves. The video has sparked numerous reactions from fans, who showered them with affectionate messages.

He wrote: They are still celebrating us🙌🙌 Thank you all👍

Also thanks to my students @serikiolopolo_shc_of_per_art

Aye a celebrate Gbogbo yin sire Amin 🙏🙏

See how fans reacted to the video

Kofo_aloba wrote: I love how this woman marks her territory whenever with her hubby😍

Adebisi wrote: Your wife love you die….wetin you give her chop

Itz_ceec wrote: This is beautiful 😍 it’s the Ijo ilorin for me 😂😍

Princessbunmy wrote: My favourite couple, God bless and keep your home, together forever IJMN

Ijoba112 wrote: Popsy more years tp celebrate 🎉 insha allah🙏🏾🙏🏾

Arena_tgb wrote: Sounds like ijo Idanre abi ijo nooni😂😂😂

Oresgraphic wrote: Swears… It’s the way she marks her Territory for me 😅

Atijola wrote: The way you respect your husband @mydemartins makes me love this family big ❤❤❤❤❤. I love love

P Smh* see how I dey smile like mumu😂

Joshuadaniel wrote: More years to celebrate in wealth and health

Sheriffabiodun wrote: Happy celebrated of joy I wish you more more great of happiness of joy ❤️.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng