“See as the baacksaide just the shake”- Fans left drooling as the highly endowed Tems walks into her bus after her Coachella performance (Video)

A recent video featuring popular Nigerian singer and songwriter Tems, following her performance at Coachella, has gone viral, captivating many viewers. Infotrend highlighted Grammy Award Winner Tems, born Temilade Openiyi, taking the stage at Coachella 2024 on April 14th. Tems garnered attention for her rendition of the hit song “Essence” remix, joined by Wizkid and American singer Justin Bieber. Nevertheless, a fresh clip capturing Tems post-performance has ignited online discussions.

In the video, Tems is escorted by security personnel as she enters her bus, marking the start of the scene. As the strikingly beautiful Tems walks into her bus, fans are heard screaming excitedly, even though they can only see her from behind. Tems, caught up in the fans’ enthusiasm, turns around to acknowledge them. As she attempts to engage with the audience, they continue to express their admiration for her, screaming about her talent and beauty. Tems, feeling bashful, eventually retreats into her bus amidst the fervent cheers.

Watch the video and check out the reactions below;

See reactions below;

otorroseline:  These ones go just dey use Ikebe oppress we wey no get.

ifeanyi_nwugwu: Tems is greatly endowed. Nice curvature at backside and the appealing get lost eyes. I smile and get happy anytime I remember that it’s my fellow man that makes her moan. A win for one is a win for all. Great one for the Brotherhood ❤️.

joycesommy22:  Terms has done cosmetic surgery. Her yansh don properly shape up.

iamaisonifancy: My crush (her voice). I for don turn anointed singer of if I get that voice.

hott_galz:  ZERO BBL!!!!!? tems suppose dey worship African ancestors, dem too bless her 😏😏.

lala_camilla: Even me as a woman will turn, look, and touch 😭😭😭😭.

creamyqueens_botanics:  She defo reshaped😍 she reduced her waistline and tummy to balance out her endowment ❤️

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng