Salawa Abeni introduces her third husband, Rasheed Adahunse, in a video at the age of 62. Watch

Salawa Abeni, the acclaimed Nigerian singer, unveiled her third husband, Rasheed Adahunse, in the midst of his birthday celebration.

Salawa Abeni, the celebrated Nigerian singer, presented her third husband, Rasheed Adahunse, on the occasion of his birthday celebration.

Adahunse, a retired comptroller and commandant of the Customs Training College, recently marked his retirement and birthday in Lagos.

Abeni posted a video of her performance at the event on her Instagram page and extended congratulations to Adahunse for both his retirement and birthday.

On her blog, she affectionately described Adahunse as her “dearest husband of four years,” emphasizing the resilience of their love.

During the celebration, Abeni expressed gratitude, faith in their union, and admiration for Adahunse’s qualities, affectionately renaming herself “Abeni Idunu Ishola.” The 62-year-old singer emphasized that she hasn’t “chosen wrongly,” highlighting that “love conquers all.”

She stated, “I don’t have many words to utter, let me thank God. I will just say a bit about Alhaji Abdulrasheed Agbolade, my dearest husband. You are retired but not tired, I pray that as God joined us together as husband and wife four years ago, you will live long and have abundance.”

Abeni shared her initial perception of Adahunse as a “complete ‘English’ man,” while he saw her as a musician. However, she expressed that love conquered those differences.

“From today, call me Abeni Idunu Ishola,” she declared.

Salawa Abeni, who started her career in 1976, has had two previous marriages – one with Lateef Adepoju and another with Ayinla Kollington. Rasheed Adahunse, her third husband, holds the title of Asiwaju Adinni of Ijebu Isiwo.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng