“Meet Pretty Clara The New Bobrisky In Town”– Rotimi Salami Stir Massive Reaction As He Dressed Up In Female Outfit

Nollywood actor Rotimi Salami recently delighted his fans with a playful and unexpected twist, sharing a video where he transformed himself into a woman, adopting the persona of “Pretty Clara Danjuma.” In the clip, Rotimi Salami showcased his playful side by donning a woman’s outfit and engaging his audience in a lighthearted comparison.

With a touch of humor, the actor requested his fans to choose the best slide between his regular self and the transformed “Pretty Clara Danjuma.” The playful gesture aimed to entertain and connect with his audience on a more personal and relatable level.

However, the online reaction was as diverse as it was candid. While some fans joined in the fun, appreciating the actor’s creativity and sense of humor, others couldn’t resist sharing their opinions on the transformation. Some fans humorously commented on the supposed “ugliness” in the woman’s outfit and critiqued the makeup application.

This unexpected twist not only showcased Rotimi Salami’s versatility as an entertainer but also ignited a lively interaction among fans, emphasizing the diverse ways in which celebrities connect with their audience through social media antics and playful engagements.

Moooood….. Meet pretty Clara Danjuma🙄

Which is your fav Slide 1 or 2?

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See social media reaction below;

Arike318 wrote: Iwo olorun 😂😂brother Rotimi no wan gree for anybody 😂

Temitope456t wrote: Ki le wa twerk bayi now brother mi 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Azeezbola.misirat wrote: Wahala 😂😂😂. I’d like your daughter to comment on this character 😂😂😂

Itskikelove wrote: I just laugh like Mumu Egbon Rotimi nah ode 😂😂😂😂.

Bimspicy27 wrote: Someone should call legend for me pls needs to see something 😢

Fivictoriababe wrote: The ugliest lady but the most handsome 😍 man 😂😍

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng