Rotimi Salami shared that his wife isn’t typically jealous, but if he becomes overly clingy, she’ll give him the cold shoulder at night.

My first encounter with my wife happened on the set of a series called “Dear Mother.” As for what I like most about her, it’s her kindness and sense of humor.

Her confidence is captivating. She possesses intelligence, brilliance, beauty, and physical allure. Despite being a thespian, she wholeheartedly supported my career, temporarily putting her acting aspirations on hold for the sake of our family.

Our courtship lasted three years before I popped the question.

Like any relationship, ours had its ups and downs. We faced challenges, had disagreements, and even temporarily parted ways before reconciling. Smooth sailing wasn’t always the case, but those bumps in the road made our bond stronger. We reached a point where we had to make sacrifices for each other, especially concerning our careers. The challenges of courtship are just the beginning; marriage brings its own set of trials, but it’s a journey we’re committed to navigating together.

What age were you when you got married?

I tied the knot in 2015.

Were you ready for marriage at the time?

I didn’t realize I was preparing for it, but I made the decision overnight that I was ready for the journey.

What stands out from your wedding planning?

I remember the stress of unpaid jobs from three advertising agencies. But things turned around 12 days before the wedding when money finally came in, despite the setbacks.

Was your wedding elaborate?

It was pretty big and somewhat elaborate, despite heavy rain on the day.

How do you manage your career and marriage?

Technology helps a lot, and my understanding wife and I communicate frequently via video calls when I’m away on movie shoots. I prioritize family time whenever possible.

How does your wife handle attention from your female fans?

She’s mentally prepared and doesn’t let it bother her much, though she’s not the jealous type unless it gets excessive.

What’s essential for a successful marriage?

Love, peace, prayer, sacrifice, trust, and hard work are vital ingredients for a fulfilling marriage.

What projects are you currently involved in?

I’m working on several projects, including an English and Yoruba movie titled ‘Jack Of All Trades,’ airing on African Magic Urban.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng