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“Which Kind AI Be Dis”– Rotimi Salami And His Wives Stir Massive Reaction With There New Video Of Acting Like AI

Rotimi Salami has ignited a wave of online engagement with a captivating video featuring himself and his family. In this delightful family affair, Rotimi, alongside his wife Allwell Damilola and their daughter, embraced the creative realm of TikTok AI.

The engaging video unfolds as Rotimi playfully challenges his fans to partake in a light-hearted judgment. In a whimsical twist, he invites them to select the least favored slide among the ensemble. Confident in his own performance, Rotimi humorously declares his certainty that his contribution stands out as the pinnacle of excellence.

With a touch of cheeky humor, he pens the caption, “Which is your worst slide? 🤣 I shall know that mine is the best 🙄.” This candid expression of self-assurance adds an extra layer of charm to the video, turning it into a delightful interaction between the actor and his audience. As the online community eagerly participates in the fun, Rotimi Salami’s family TikTok adventure becomes a memorable moment celebrated across the digital landscape.

He Wrote: Which is your worst Slide?🤣
I shall know that mine is the best🙄

See people Reaction:

Jumokeodetola wrote: 🌹BLISS!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted her to spill more of what mummy @jarinola has been doing😂😂😂
@allwellademolaa You carry this thing enter 2024🙈

Desire_ara wrote: Bliss wan kill me with laugh oh
She said you’ll be doing all sort of things at night and you’ll tell them to sleep. Na wetin pain her she talk so 😂

Mamadautlessempire wrote: This guy don crase before😂😂😂see nose like pregnant woman sef😂😂😂Bro no kee me na.

Apoti_erioluwanimi wrote: Wetin @allwellademolaa Dey do bayii?😂😂the last AI na retried olosho I don’t have words for you sir 😂😂 @salamirotimi

Mubby_couba wrote: 3rd slide is my favorite but the 4th slide is crazy 😂😂

Bukunmioluwasina wrote: RM is the winner 😂🤣😂 WTF did i just watched?

Watch The Video Below;