Reason why I dont want Kunle Remi and Tiwi to get married- Actor Etim Effiong’s wife, Toyosi spills

Toyosi Effiong, Nollywood star Etim Effiong’s wife, expressed her fears about Kunle Remi and Tiwi’s union on Instagram. She disclosed that knowing Tiwi longer than her husband, she felt uneasy about Kunle Remi due to his attractiveness, understanding the challenges of being married to an actor like him.

But over time, after having several conversations and observations about him, the fear has subsided and now she is extremely happy for the couple.

“This couple is special to me. Tiwi has been my aburo for much longer than I’ve known Daniel and when she told me about Kunle, I can’t lie, my heart did “GBISH GBISH” because I know FIRSTAND about the… uniqueness of this kind of union.

The attention and affection that this fine-boy, hand-rubbing, chest-showing, sunglasses-wearing, lip-licking “screen gods” receive is not for faint-hearted spouses and that’s where the fear stemmed from.

But over time, following multiple conversations and observations of their interactions, the fear has subsided and now I’m just happy at how happy and intentional they are and how beautiful the ceremonies looked in the pictures and videos!

I love you guys so much @kunleremiofficial and I speak GOD’s covering over both of you”.

Unfortunately, her statement wasn’t well received by many as they mercilessly dragged her.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng