Reason why I don’t flaunt my handsome husband on social media – Adeyinka Alaseyori spill

Gospel singer Adeyinka Alaseyori revealed in a recent interview with Leke Adeboye and his wife, Titi, on their podcast, ‘Confession Box with PLA,’ why she chooses not to showcase her husband on social media. Despite being a mother of two, she still encounters inquiries about her marital status. She expressed her love for her husband but explained that she prefers not to constantly display him on social media. When asked to confess, as it’s the tradition of the podcast, the ‘Aye Ope Yo’ singer said, “I love my husband, I don’t flaunt him. I don’t flaunt him so much. I don’t flaunt him all the time.”

She noted that because of this, some people think she’s still a single woman.

“So most of the time people ask me, are you married? have people who will tell me, like you even after have had two children, I do not wear my wedding ring. But I am happily married with two children,” she said.

Explaining why she has kept her husband and family away from social media, Adeyinka Alaseyori said: “He’s my dream supporter. Fame for us came faster than we expected. So my husband would rather that we keep the family out of public attention.

“You can’t talk anyhow. You have to be conscious of what you do. A lot of people are looking up to you.”

Adeyinka is married to Dave Akinyemi.

The couple celebrated six years of marriage in December 2021.

Watch the video below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng