“Queen Mercy is so Lucky, it not easy to find a single man who will marry a babymama” – Single mother gushes

A single mother taps from the grace following the newlywed reality star, Queen Mercy Atang while emphasizing the struggle of finding a partner. This comes following the viral wedding of the BBNaija ex-housemate who dumped her baby daddy, Lord Lamba to marry her ex-boyfriend, King David and moved in with her child. Reacting to the court wedding of Queen Mercy and her partner, a single mother gushed over the luck of finding a single man willing to take a lady with her child.

She further emphasized the struggle of being a single mother while showering accolades on others of her kind, calling them strong. “As a single mother it’s not easy to find a single man to marry you with your child, Queen is so Lucky. I am also a single mother and it has not been easy to find a single man. I’m very happy for her,” she said in part.

Reactions trailing single mother gushing over wedding of Queen Mercy

thefirstladyomorewa said: “I am one of the luckiest 😍 thank you ABBA🙌hence why I am soo happy for her … it didn’t end the way the devil planned it for me 🙏🏻.”

ble_ssing_sunday quizzed: “What’s this whole stigma about single mothers? Yet ladies marry single fathers and that’s okay so why is it different with single mothers?”

c.h.e.f__g added: “Why are you stressing the single mother thing like a curse?🙄🙄 whether you single or not, if them no want marry you, you go remain single forever 😂.”

queenkidsthrift noted: “So many single mothers out there are still single only because they are afraid to start again, they are scared make same issues no go repeat themselves not because dem no see single man marry them.. Be decent and successful your own man go come. Thainks.”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng