Singer Portable’s lover, Queen Dami, pays tribute to her father 8 years after his death;

Queen Dami, one of the runaway wives of the late Alaafin of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi III, has recently made headlines, not just for her quest for love on a reality show, but also for finding companionship in the self-acclaimed street king, Portable. Amidst this new chapter in her life, she took a poignant moment to celebrate the memory of her late father, marking eight years since his passing.

In a heartfelt post on her Instagram page, Queen Dami opened up about the challenges she has faced since her father’s departure, expressing that the past eight years without him have been far from easy. Despite the difficulties, she acknowledged the wonder of God and the belief that her father is watching over them from heaven.

The emotional tribute painted a vivid picture of the deep bond between Queen Dami and her late father. She referred to him as her “number one supporter,” “diamond,” and “everything,” underscoring the profound impact he had on her life. The passage of time has not diminished the freshness of the pain, as she admitted that memories of his absence still feel as vivid as yesterday.

The post concluded with a poignant plea for her father, affectionately called “Akanni Mi owon,” to continue resting in peace. The accompanying emojis and heartfelt words conveyed a mix of sadness, longing, and acceptance, creating a poignant moment for Queen Dami’s followers.

In the context of her recent publicized relationship with Portable, this post provides a glimpse into the multifaceted aspects of her life — from seeking love on a reality show to finding solace in cherished memories of her late father. It becomes a testament to the complexity of personal narratives and the public scrutiny that accompanies life in the spotlight.

She wrote:

Today Make It 8years Without you My Father , and the past 8years has never been easy since you left but God Is still Wonderful I know you are watching over us from heaven,

My father, my number one supporter, my diamond 💎, my everything, as much as I try to forget you are gone , it still keep looking fresh like yesterday,.

But I know You Are In A better place over there, my father , Akanni Mi owon, Sunreee oooo, continue to Rest In Peace Baba dada, my sweet father 😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng