Preparing a mouthwatering dish, Actor Muyiwa Ademola unveils as he shares a photo with Femi Adebayo.

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Nigerian actor Muyiwa Ademola shared a photo alongside prolific actor Femi Adebayo, dropping hints about an upcoming movie project in the works.

Muyiwa Ademola took to his official Instagram account to post pictures of himself with Femi Adebayo, teasing their collaborative project that is bound to delight fans.

He revealed that veteran actor Adebayo Salami is also part of the project, with him and Femi Adebayo as crucial elements.

Sharing the photo, he wrote:

“We’re cooking up something incredibly delightful! It’s our Baba Mi, Adebayo Salami, who’s the chef. And we are the spices! Your beloved Ageshinjawo, Femi Adebayo, is the secret ingredient 🤣🤣🤣 I promise you, you’re going to love this, no doubt

Infotrend previously reported that actor Muyiwa Ademola lavished praise on his son as the young one marked a new milestone in age.

The actor, known for his exceptional acting skills and genuine nature, expressed his emotions in a heartfelt message dedicated to his son on this special occasion.

In an Instagram post that swiftly attracted attention from fans and well-wishers, Muyiwa Ademola shared a series of photos featuring his son. Accompanying these photos was a heartfelt message that conveyed the profound love and pride a father feels for his child.

He wrote, “A very superlative birthday shout out to my adorable son. Adedayo, you shall be a good reference point to your generation and generations yet unborn. A source of joy you shall be to yourself, your parents, your siblings, and to the world at large. ‘O ni se eru aye o, o ni toro je o, ori e koni daru, iseda e koni gbabode Adedayo omo Ademola.’

“All you lay your hands upon shall prosper, ADEDAYO. Long life, wisdom, divine understanding, heavenly guidance, and abundant prosperity. Love you deeply, my calm/shy and peaceful Obakeye😀. Love always, buddy ❤️🥂❤️🎁🎂🎁🥂❤️.”

His heartfelt post resonated with fans and followers who promptly filled the comment section with well-wishes, blessings, and messages of admiration for the actor’s genuine display of affection for his son.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng