“Accept your past without regret, If prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle” — Portable tells fans ahead of the new year

Nigerian musician and self-proclaimed philosopher Portable, known for his vibrant persona, recently took a moment to impart words of wisdom to his fans and supporters, especially as they approach the upcoming year.

In a video that captures his charismatic presence, Portable is surrounded by a group of admirers as he shares his keys to success. Notably, he had recently engaged in a boxing tournament and emerged victorious against fellow celebrity Charles Okocha, adding a layer of accomplishment to his already dynamic profile.

In the video, Portable emphasizes the transformative power of prayer, urging his audience to make it a habit. His insightful words resonate with a deeper understanding: “When you dey pray, prayer becomes a habit. You no understand? If prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.” This philosophy reflects a belief in the profound impact of consistent spiritual practice on one’s journey toward success.

Portable goes further to dispense advice on embracing one’s past without regret and approaching the present with confidence—a mantra that echoes resilience and self-assurance. This encapsulates a broader message about personal growth, resilience, and the importance of faith in achieving one’s aspirations.

As Portable continues to share his unique blend of music and wisdom with his audience, his recent triumph in the boxing ring adds an extra layer of inspiration to his words. His message serves as a beacon of motivation for those who follow him, encouraging them to embrace prayer, accept their past, and confidently navigate the present for a successful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Sharing his tips for greatness he said;

“When you dey pray, prayer becomes a habit.
You no understand?
If prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.
Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence.

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@ask4ken3000 wrote: “Perfectly said, if you dwell on the past, it will definitely affect your present and future”

@ElvincineA reacted: “Nah Charles him dey talk too😂😂”

@DamilolaTolu1 said: “Na portable advice I wan dey follow now”

@letpeacerayne wrote: “Portable the motivational speaker hehe”

@gathyinsights added: “Good advice. Be yourself and embrace who you are”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng