Portable surprises new artist, Officialfrizzle, with Murano car gift

Nigerian artist Portable, renowned for his singing, rapping, and songwriting skills, is making waves with reports of him generously purchasing a Murano car for his new artist, Officialfrizzle. The news surfaced through a video on Portable’s Instagram, capturing the heartwarming moment as he presents the car key to Officialfrizzle, followed by joyful reactions from both.

Portable is also seen throwing bundles of cash to fans who gathered to celebrate with him.

Gossipinfo news recall that Famous street rapper, Portable Omolalomi rains money on his people as he arrives his hood in Sango Otta with his new Mercedes Benz convertible.

It would be recalled that the singer received the car as a token of appreciation from a realtor some days ago.

In a trending video, Portable is seen cruising his new car in his hood while being flooded by a wave of people picking money sprayed from the car.

The video has since generated a buzz on social media from many who considered Portable as a generous individual who held to his roots.



Sources: Infotrend.com.ng