“After Ignoring Her At Oshodi Day Because Of Omobewaji, She Will Not Listen”– Reaction As Portable Publicly Apologize To Ashabi Move Her From 4th Wives To 3rd

Popular singer Portable has recently extended praises to his third wife, Ashabi Simple, acknowledging her transformation from a strong and independent woman to a commendable housewife material in the Zazuu household. Portable affectionately referred to her as the 3rd wife in his social media post.

The recognition comes after an incident at the Oshodi Party Night, where Ashabi Simple allegedly ignored Portable due to his first wife, Omobewaji. This post serves as both an acknowledgment of her role in the household and an attempt to express admiration for her qualities.

However, the post has sparked criticism from Portable’s fans, accusing him of trying to make amends for ignoring Ashabi Simple at the Oshodi festival and not recognizing her as his wife then.

In his caption, Portable wrote, “@ashabi_simple Omo lile she’s now Iyawo ile house wife Queen 👸 Zazuu 03 my celebrity Queen Movie 🎬 Star 🌟 mummy’s FITILAH @star_king_fab.” This public declaration sheds light on the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye, with fans and followers closely monitoring the dynamics between Portable and his wives.

As the social media drama unfolds, Portable’s post reflects not only a personal acknowledgment but also an attempt to navigate the challenges of a public image. The complexities of relationships and public scrutiny are laid bare, providing a glimpse into the intricacies of celebrity life.

He Wrote: @ashabi_simple Omo lile she’s now Iyawo ile house wife Queen 👸 Zazuu 03 my celebrity Queen Movie 🎬 Star 🌟 mummy’s FITILAH @star_king_fab

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Tresuretimi wrote: This is a bribe for ignoring her at the Osodi party 😂ordinary greeting u nor greet her cos bewajj was there 😂😂😂u use this post bribe her 😂

Nk_esi wrote: @thrifts_by_haffymade_ng my dear the thing dey surprise me because she’s young, she can meet a young, single man but no she’s wants a man with a wife and children 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️trying everything to show portable that she’s in love with him 🤦‍♀️and better than his real wife

Sugar.geh wrote: Ona too like violence for this country 🤣🤣eyin omo third wives wey Dey cry under my cs emabinu,I will not say that again🤣🤣

Femaleking2023 wrote: Bewaji no need impress social media because she knows her place but you? Your mind no dey touch ground.

Chid_of_grace_dieu_amour wrote: No go deceive yourself nar because money they if not she can’t wait or it’s not actress 😂 i just pray that your money we not going down if not you go see who we with you when time nothing they anymore

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