“Why you shouldn’t work with the poor or make friends with the poor in 2024” – Portable shared his experience in 2023

Street-hop musician Portable has shared some lessons and advice for the upcoming year, cautioning against forming friendships with poor people if one aims for success. In a video message, the “Zazoo” crooner emphasized the importance of associating with wealthy individuals to achieve prosperity.

Portable asserted that making friends with poor people could hinder personal success as they might have a tendency to bring others down to their level. He encouraged people to surround themselves with wealthy folks to enhance their chances of achieving financial prosperity.

While emphasizing the need to help the poor, Portable drew a clear distinction between offering assistance and forming personal friendships. His advice reflects a perspective on success and social circles, emphasizing the impact of one’s associations on individual progress.

The video message from Portable has sparked discussions on social media, with some expressing agreement with his viewpoint, while others critique the suggestion of avoiding friendships with individuals based on their financial status. The musician’s words have added a layer to the ongoing conversation about success, social dynamics, and individual choices as the new year approaches.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng