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Nah Mumu Dey Do DNA, You Can’t Collect My Babe and Collect My Child Also, I give you Just 7 days For you and Koko to Bring My child to me” – Portable Cries out ‎

The beginning of 2024 witnessed a fiery exchange on social media as Portable, known for his controversial demeanor, took to his verified Instagram page to make serious accusations against his baby mama and popular Agbero leader, Koko Zaria. The drama unfolded as Portable claimed that his third baby mama, Honey Berry, was allegedly involved with Koko Zaria and accused her of cheating on him.

In a series of Insta-stories, Portable didn’t hold back, asserting that Koko Zaria and Tafa Sego had been having relations with Honey Berry. The controversy escalated when Portable claimed that his baby mama took their son along to be with Koko Zaria, further adding that Koko Zaria had rented a house for her and was taking care of their child.

To add visual evidence to his claims, Portable shared a video featuring Koko Zaria landing a kiss on Honey Berry’s cheek during their hangout. The video heightened the intensity of the allegations and drew significant attention on social media.

In a desperate plea for support, Portable reached out to Nigerians, urging them to come to his aid. He accused Koko Zaria of taking care of his child and renting a house for his baby mama, Honey Berry, expressing his desire for the return of his child.

Public exchanges like these between celebrities often captivate social media audiences, sparking discussions about personal matters involving public figures. The unfolding drama not only exposes the intricacies of their relationships but also fuels debates and speculation among fans and followers.

Koko Zari’s response on social media to Portable’s accusations of involvement with his third Babymama, Honey Berry, and taking care of his son adds another layer to the ongoing drama.

Such public exchanges often captivate social media audiences and generate discussions about personal matters involving public figures.

Portable kickstart the new year 2024 in his usual controversial manner as he took to the insta-stories section of his verified Instagram page and dragged his baby mama into the filth as he accused her of cheating on him.

Portable further claims that Tafa Sego and Koko Zaria have been sleeping with his baby mama. He added that his baby mama carried their son along to sleep with Koko Zaria.

Portable further shared a video of Koko Zaria landing k!ss on the cheek of his 3rd babymama Honey Berry as they hang out together.

In a video Portable said; ““Nigerians Come To My Aide My Babymama Honey Berry Is S l e e p i n g with Popular Agbero Leader Koko Zaria, and he rented house for her and he is taking care of my own child please you all should beg Koko Zaria to return my Child back to me.”