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Highlights and results: Congratulations as Portable beats Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing fight (VIDEO)

In a highly anticipated and fiercely contested celebrity boxing match, Portable and Charles Okocha went head-to-head, unleashing a street-fighting spectacle that lived up to all the pre-match hype. The exchange of blows and intense physical confrontation between the two entertainers created a gripping three-round bout that had fans and spectators on the edge of their seats.

The confrontations between Portable and Charles Okocha had been characterized by clashes, insults, and threats during press conferences, building up the anticipation for the showdown. As the bell rang, signaling the start of the match, both entertainers brought their A-game, delivering a no-holds-barred display of raw power and determination.

The authenticity of the boxing match was underscored by the seemingly real and intense punches exchanged between Portable and Charles Okocha. The street-fighter spirit within Portable came to the fore as he engaged in a battle of fists, showcasing his resilience and tenacity in the ring.

The three rounds of the celebrity boxing fight were marked by moments of intense action, capturing the attention of the audience and creating a mind-blowing spectacle. The physicality and commitment displayed by both entertainers added a layer of authenticity to the match, making it a memorable event in the world of celebrity clashes.

The outcome of the bout left fans and spectators buzzing with excitement, and the event is likely to be remembered as one of the most thrilling celebrity boxing matches in recent times. Portable and Charles Okocha’s willingness to take their disagreements into the ring provided a unique and entertaining form of resolution, demonstrating the evolving dynamics of conflict resolution within the entertainment industry.

As the echoes of the celebrity boxing match reverberate in the online and offline spheres, it becomes a talking point, sparking discussions about the intersection of entertainment, conflict, and physical prowess. The event adds a new dimension to the ways in which entertainers choose to settle their differences, offering fans an adrenaline-fueled spectacle that transcends the usual realms of celebrity feuds.

In a Wednesday showdown, Nigerian street-pop artist Habeeb Badmus, widely known as Portable, secured victory after the third round in the celebrity boxing match against Nollywood actor Charles Okocha.

Portable and Charles Okocha ultimately squared off with their fists, putting an end to their feud spawned by alleged contractual issues. The online clash, fueled by claims of a N40m rip-off, found resolution in the ring.

The Zazuu Crooner, as seen in a viral video, vociferously asserted that Okocha cheated him out of the money, sent him small amount of money and breaching their contractual agreement.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, the duo opted to settle their differences decisively in the boxing ring. Heritage Boxing Entertainment gave its nod to the sanctioned fight held at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

The showdown commenced after 1 am and unfolded over a gripping 40-minute span in space of 3 rounds.

In videos capturing the fight, Portable confidently kicked off the first round, dressed in a matching blue knicker and armless top.

Taking charge of the ring, he delivered a barrage of body jabs to Okocha, who, in his red top and shorts, hit the floor but swiftly stood up before the referee initiated the count.

In round two, Charles Okocha mounted a strong comeback, skillfully evading blows from Portable. Momentum shifted in Okocha’s favor as he gained more ground, while Portable, showing signs of fatigue, resorted to running around the ring in an attempt to regain control of the game.

As round three unfolded, the match remained evenly contested. However, the Zazuu crooner, Portable, was declared the winner of the celebrity boxing fight, eliciting cheers from his wife and the enthusiastic fans who had gathered to witness the showdown.