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“No All Allow Portable See This Video As Another Man Dey Rock Iyawo Ika Of Africa”– Portable 4th Baby Mama Ashabi Simple Stir Massive Reaction As They Rock Her At A Party

Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple has become the center of attention as a video surfaces of her enthusiastically celebrating at Kayode Adebayo Alalubarika’s 5th-year anniversary handout with his students. The lively event showcases Ashabi fully immersed in the festivities, dancing with abandon and seemingly influenced by alcohol.

As the video circulates on social media, fans are quick to notice her exuberance, questioning whether she’s aware of the ongoing drama involving Portable, another notable figure in the entertainment industry. Portable had recently called out his second baby mama, Honey Bee, accusing her of having an affair with MC Oluomo’s boys, particularly Koko Zaria. This accusation extended to allegations of Koko Zaria touching Portable’s son with something of a fetish nature.

The juxtaposition of Ashabi Simple’s carefree celebration and Portable’s recent publicized grievances adds another layer to the unfolding drama. Fans speculate on whether Ashabi is oblivious to the controversy or intentionally choosing to enjoy the moment despite the tumultuous situation surrounding Portable.

The interconnected nature of these public figures’ lives and the swift dissemination of events on social media fuel discussions and reactions among fans. Ashabi Simple’s lively participation in the anniversary celebration becomes a focal point for those following the unfolding drama in the entertainment industry, inviting varied reactions and opinions on the intersection of personal lives and public exposure.

Filmmaker @kayalubarika hosts students, colleagues and friends at his film school’s 5th year anniversary hangout.

See social media reaction below;

Im_ayowumi_ wrote: This one wan go her mama house ni sha, you Don forget say portable head dey hot

Darasapparel wrote: she still dey chop mouth self 😂she no sabi sing am well 😂😂

Yeesha____xx wrote: Wife supposing her husband 👏😂

Sulaimonraimotaina1987 wrote: See Ashabi voice like oloja oru

Biggoldstore wrote: Iyawo portable 😂😂😂wahala a sele again

Watch The Video Below;