Popular singer Kwam1 allegedly cauught with his wife, best friend and chef in his house (Watch footage)

Nigerian Fuji music icon, Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as Kwam 1 and wife has been trending online over the recent post.

The rumours, initially circulated by the controversial blog, Gistlovers, alleged marital strife between Kwam1 and his wife

The infotrend suggested an extramarital affair involving Emmanuella’s friend, Folake Ibile, and their family’s female chef.

According to the claims, Emmanuella became aware of the alleged infidelity by accessing their home’s CCTV footage, revealing Folake’s visits during her absence.

Gistlover wrote: Trouble in the palace of K1 the ultimate and Emmanuella Ropo as the dugbe dugbe wey Dey mi for oke is about to ja for Ropo head ooo( as their marriage begins to get kleg in this early years )

Hello tueh tueh, be Like say cane wey tjem use flog iyale no Dey rest again as the cane want resume work on Emmanuella Ropo body, the palace of the famous Fuji artist  has been hell on earth due to several infidelity palava, from the wife of Emmanuella Ropo to Folake ibile, to Mariam Anako sister, to the chef in his house, it’s not a beautiful moment for Emmanuella K1 new bride, make I give una break down on how the whole matter take start.

There has been gist going on round the crème de la crème of Lagos about the Fuji star having an affair with his chef and his newest bride friend, the gist was an in-house gist so one way or the other naso the matter reach Emmanuella table, the next morning Emmanuella was at loggerheads with K1 the ultimate security struggling to get their home cctv camera passwords but the security guys no gree give am , this aggravated her anger and she called Wasiu to fire them, the whole matter turn tan pepper scatter scatter and it took the intervention of some respected people to return peace to their home

Fast forward to some weeks after, naso Emmanuella do kuru kere get the cctv password, lo and behold King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal was bringing Emmanuella friend to their matrimonial home when Emmanuella no Dey house, he was also having an affair with their chef, Emmanuella got some of the video as evidence, the Matter got so messy and Emmanuella confronted her friend, naso K1 vex say make Emmanuella come pack her load Dey go, say why she Dey monitor am, say shey na Ropo born am ni, Emmanuella begin gather people to go beg again because opting out is not an option make internet in-laws no laugh am, naso them begin do another patch patch again, Wasiu refused begin tell people say Ropo no be good woman, say Ropo bring other people children make him Dey take care of them but when he wants to send money for photo shoot to Al fathia say Ropo go vex, K1 refuse say laye, the one wey come spoil everything pata pata na the anako sisters, remember after

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng