Please Pray For Me, The Pain Is Too Much”- Actress Bimbo Adebayo Survives a Ghastly Car Accident in Lagos.

Renowned Yoruba actress Bimbo Adebayo narrowly escaped a major car accident a few days ago while returning home on a Sunday. A well-known blogger took to social media to share the distressing news, accompanied by a photo revealing the significant damage to the car. The incident took place on a Sunday.

The tragic incident unfolded on Sunday evening in Ikate, Lagos, as Bimbo Adebayo (officialbimboadebayo) was on her way home. A recent phone conversation with a family member on Tuesday revealed that although she suffered external injuries, there is ongoing scrutiny regarding her internal well-being. Further details on the incident and her condition are anticipated.


Her fans and colleagues shower her with prayers for a quick recovery.

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Iamgoodnessusman wrote :Oh my God! So she was the one, I saw it. Wishing her quick recovery as I pray for more protection over her life.

Zyberbat94 wrote : Jesus have your way ooo

Embertayorau wrote : All Actors and actress need to use just 1 day to pray for protection hmmmm.. Thank God for her life

Missy_aderonke wrote: Eiiiiiii God of mercy 🙌🙌 May the lord continue to protect her

Akpa_ benita wrote: Jesus christ thank God for your life nothing will happen to you amen 🙏

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng