“Please let help her now before it too late”- Biola Bayo beg Colleagues as Actress Osoba Temitope return back fully on set

Nollywood actress Biola Bayo has announced the return of her colleague, Osoba Temitope, to the film industry.

According to reports from Gossipinfo news a few days ago, Temitope Osoba shared a harrowing experience of sexual assault by a family member.

In an interview with Biola Bayo, the emerging Yoruba actress, who had taken a hiatus from the industry, disclosed that she had relocated from her “toxic” grandmother’s residence to live with her uncle. Regrettably, the situation took a darker turn as her uncle began sexually assaulting her and making unwelcome advances.

According to her, the incident affected her career to some extent and she suffered depression because of her inability to make ends meet.

Following this, Biola Bayo has taken it upon herself to make sure she gets back on her feet. Taking to her Instagram page, Biola appealed to movie directors, producers, and production managers to send scrips to her as she is fully back on her feet.

She appealed to them to remember her when casting and to give her support.

“Dear producers, directors, and production managers,
One of us is back and fully back on her feet. Please let’s remember her in our casting. (Ko di igba taba ku Kato mo iyi Arawa) please let’s support ourselves like we have always done.
God bless us all.

@osobatemitope is back for good”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng