Please I Need A Hug And Some Pampering, Bukola Arugba Tell Her Fans As Reveal She Is Bored and Lonely (Details)

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Bukola Arugba a Nollywood actress, film producer, and entrepreneur has shared a text on Instagram Revealing how boring she is today.

She revealed she has been busy for the past 3 weeks and the day before today was stressful too much work from one to another.

The actress further revealed she had been sleeping since morning and someone from her followers should just say hi to her.

She w ent ahead and told her fans her main problem was that she needed a hug and pampering the same way her ex-husband did to her before anytime she was stressed.

But now they are not together, it see ms the actress is missing him already

She Wrote: The past 3 weeks have been a roller coaster kinda experience, yesterday’s was exceptionally stressful and challenging. Sleep tossing me around like a drunk . I need a hug and some pampering. #Grace

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng