“Please Help Me Celebrate Him Ahead Of His Day”– Papashoww Surprise His Best Friend Adeniyi Johnson Ahead Of His Birthday.

Adeniyi Johnson was deeply touched when his close friend, Papashoww, made a surprise appearance at a movie set ahead of his birthday.

Papashoww, who regards Adeniyi as someone incredibly special to him, expressed his unwavering support for him, even when not required.

Describing Adeniyi as the first person he’s ever gone to such lengths for, Papashoww emphasized the significant role Adeniyi played in his life.

If you are familiar with me, you’d know that if there’s one thing I cherish and hold with so much esteem, it’s the relationship I have with people that are close to me. Friendship is a great deal to me and something that I do not take for granted and God has really blessed me to have very good people in my corner. But when it comes to ADENIYI JOHNSON. I have been so lucky to have him as a friend, a brother and my Uber Driver. In all my life, I have had people crossed gutters for me, fight for me, love me, cherish me but this man checked all the boxes right. He has been there for me more than I have been for him. This man does things for me when I least expect! No worry, if we Dey fight Na him make you come see, if we fight, we go shout at each other, insult each other but if you Dey there, no put mouth o, cos Na your head everything go turn! And the most juicy part of it all is that this guy no wan hear say I broke, if I should just lament beside this guy, I don hear alert for my phone and you’d hardly hear him tell you he’s broke. If niyi complains beside you, know that it’s a serious situation. If I’m outside lagos for work and we talked and I just mentioned to him how much I have missed his vibe, before I know, even with his busy schedule, this man go branch my set come cheer me up then go back or even spend the night before going the following day.. here’s a video of how I surprised him one around December last year. I didn’t even post this then, just decided to share this one. heaven knows I haven’t done this to anyone so if you love me, say a word of prayer to this krase man and wish him a happy birthday in advance and love go always Oko mi Uncle Mike @adeniyijohnson

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Aweromi wrote: Happy birthday in advance baba ibeji,to your greatness there is no limit,keep flourishing 🔥

Hg_oluwabunmi wrote: See as am laughing and blushing like mumu,so good to watch in advance baba ibeji with the vibes

Oluwayemisi4218 wrote: Baba ibeji may you never know a better yesterday🙏🏻🙏🏻 we appreciate you always😍😍@adeniyijohnson thanks for all you do for papa show🙏🏻😍Hbd inadvance

Omole_ayotimiwa wrote: @adeniyijohnson may you live long to eat the good fruits of your labour in greater wealth and sound health with abundant blessings for God. The lord continually strengthen and uphold everything that concerns you. Thanks for all you do for @papashoww ❤️❤️

Olayinka_temitope04 wrote: Nah your movie papa show dem dey show now for Africa magic 😂😂

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