Please Beg Him, Do Anything Within Your Power For The Sake Of Your Children, Fans Tell Actress Omowunmi Ajiboye Amid Marriage Issue With Husband Segun Ogungbe

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A follower of Nollywood star Omowunmi Ajiboye has offered unrequested counsel regarding her marital difficulties.

Gossipinfo reported yesterday that Omowunmi Ajiboye had gotten many people as she reveal that finding new happiness.

Over the past few days, speculations of separation have been surrounding her relationship with actor and filmmaker, Segun Ogungbe.
Omowunmi has sparked the rumors once again through her pursuit of happiness and enigmatic message.

The actress disclosed that life has imparted the lesson of not depending on others but having faith in God.

She highlighted that placing trust in humans can result in disappointment, as the person we least anticipate can end up letting us down.

Commenting in her section, a supporter recommended that she reconcile with her husband and resolve their disagreements.

The follower urged the actress to plead, beseech, and take whatever measures necessary to salvage her marriage for the sake of her children.

“If the rumors tend to be true. This is d period to show you are a well-trained woman who is concerned about her children. Seek for reconciliation no matter what even let some people tell you it’s too much. Make sure you are settled with ur hubby. Make settlement, beg, plead, just do what u have to just for your children’s sake. Please do it Anike”.

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng