Pay N100bn Me And Sign Him, Portable Tell Carter Efe And Others Issue Warning For Wanting to Take Yung Duu From Him (Watch Full Video)

The controversial street-pop artist, Portable Zazu, has been causing quite a stir online with his recent statements about protecting his association with Yung Duu from potential encroachment. In a candid interview, Portable addressed the ongoing discord between himself and his record label signee, Yung Duu. He made it crystal clear that Yung Duu remains contractually bound to Zeh Nation, and anyone attempting to entice him away from the label would need to fulfill specific financial obligations.

Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, took the opportunity during the interview to shed light on the ongoing debate regarding Yung Duu’s status. While there have been talks about Yung Duu’s signing with Carter Efe, Portable clarified that, from his perspective, Yung Duu is still an artist under his label, Zeh Nation.

Portable’s determination to protect his association with Yung Duu was palpable, as he expressed his willingness to go to great lengths to retain the talented artist within his record label. This emphasizes the significance of Yung Duu’s role within Zeh Nation and the complexities that can arise in the dynamic world of the music industry.

The conflict between Portable and his signee highlights the intricate web of contracts, collaborations, and loyalty that underlie the music business. It also underscores the fierce dedication of artists and labels to protect their interests in an industry that is often rife with competition and shifting alliances. The ongoing discussions surrounding Yung Duu’s contractual status remain a topic of interest for fans and industry observers alike.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng